• Next Generation Microfinance

    Flexible and affordable pricing structure enabling endless

  • Your Growth is Our Target

    With quality experience helping businesses to
    financial growth.

  • Get loans at lower

    With our massive and ever growing
    loan products.

  • Save,borrow and grow further

    Endless growth is ensured financially.

  • Payments made easy

    Bank deposits and
    transfer,Mpesa and Check-off

  • Tailor made services and products

    Designed to meet expectations of our clients.

  • Empower our customers

    through the provision of timely,affordable
    and diversified financial solutions.

  • Distinctive deployment
    of capabilities

    To support exceptional entrepreneurs

  • Access to Capital

    Providing access to capital for small entrepreneurs.

  • Entrepreneurship and Self-Sufficiency

    Offering Micro Credit loans to our clients

  • Social uplifting

    Providing relief to lower income generation businesses

  • Stakeholder relationships in Microfinance

    Building strong relationship with stakeholders

  • Bridging the gap

    Bridging the gap between the formal financial institutions and the rural poor.

  • Opportunity creation

    For self employment for the underprivileged.

  • Resource mobilization

    In order to provide financial and support services

  • Viable financial institution

    In developing sustainable communities

  • Quality of life improvement

    By providing access to financial and support services

BOSA Products ( Our Society Loan Products)  : Include Mature Entry Startups Loans , Emergency Loans , Development Loans Target Loans , Micro-Lending , Top up Loan , Education Loan , Insurance Cover     |    FOSA Products ( Front Office Service Activities)-Member Accounts  : Individual Membership - Targeting adult individuals , Student Membership-Targeting ICT students who are yet to graduate , Joint Membership-Targeting family members and informal working teams , Group Membership-Targeting corporates     |    Who can Join/Who is eligible?  : All and non- ICT –innovators , ICT Practitioner , ICT Policy makers , IT companies , ICT Academics , ICT academic institutions , Digital enablers, telecom employees , technological startups and project investors , innovation hubs , are eligible to join the Society.     |   

The ICT-Innovators Society seeks to augment its community of members and provide financial products particularly around savings and credit. It is a collective platform for pooling financial resources and ICT talent with the aim of enabling local innovation and supporting the local ICT sector.

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Why Our Services?

We offer a wide range of financial-related products using a fully automated modern platform that provides all the common functionality needed to deliver digital Sacco related financial services to the ICT Sector.


Advanced Financial Analytics

Our members monitor their performance from whichever location they are in in real-time. Investors are also able to get real-time communication with regards to the progress and performance of their investments in the SACCO


Customer Insights

We share most of the challenges faced within the industry. The society seeks to offer direction to members through various platforms so as to spur technological innovations as well as ensure innovators reap from their innovations.


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