Mission Statement

To become the leading and largest Co-operative society serving ICT professionals and tech-innovators in Africa. The society also seeks to be the leading source of funds for local tech startups. It also seeks to encourage the creation of an active social network of ICT professionals in Africa and beyond.

About Us

ICT/Tech -Innovators Savings and Credit cooperative society (SACCO) is the first unique society established to serve the market of technology adapter and drivers in innovation ecosystem and ICT professionals through the development of unique and targeted savings and credit products.The society focuses to establish, through its common bond an action network of its members for empowered positive change in their activities around finance and innovation within the sector.The Society envisions promoting its successful model to the wider African region and globally with particular focus on emerging markets.We currently operate in Kenya, Uganda, South Africa and Nigeria we are soon opening in more 7 countries in Africa before end of 2018.


We look at the common three dimensions of sustainability(3-legged stool model): economic, environmental, and social / cultural in accordance to The 1987 Report of the Brundtland Commission, Our Common Future. The 3-legged stool metaphor reinforces the three dimensions that are required for us to enjoy a high quality of life— and shows that society or community is unstable if one of them is weak.

The fourth leg / dimension is: culture. It is intertwined with the social leg, but it's divided the social aspect into people and culture. People defined as, “actions and issues that affect all aspects of society, including poverty, violence, injustice, education, healthcare, safe housing, labor and human rights,” while culture defined as “actions and issues that affect how communities manifest identity, preserve and cultivate traditions,and develop belief systems and commonly accepted values.”

Our Sustainability Model Approach

  • Developed an E- learning system in bid to offer free and paid online and offline digital skilling program for Africa.
  • Deal matching across the continent and globe for the benefit of our members and communities we operate in

  • Building financial inclusion with focus in filling wide gap saving culture across Africa.
  • Implementation of digital payment kiosk that will enable our members and community pay utilities, membership etc.


Get in touch with us,we would love to hear from you to push the Innovation agenda in Africa in terms of ICT.Your response is highly appreciated.